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Solar LED Retrofit, Design for Road, Traffic, and Business Signs

A lighting retrofit could be the solution to your ineffective safety signs. Retrofitting is taking old or outdated equipment and updating it with newer, better technology without having to scrap the entire starting project. 
In terms of road safety signs, this means that you don't have to petition for entirely new signage in order to be safer, but--with Northern Solar Signs --you can purchase cost-efficient, eco-friendly solar LED kits that you can install or that we can help you install on your existing signs. The new technology is designed to match the road safety (MUTCD) standards of the old signs while improving them to be more visible and more effective.

This new technology is so effective that some areas offer insurance safety grants
to have these systems installed. We can discuss these details based on your signage needs.


At Northern Solar Signs we add occupancy sensors and add other control systems (including radar) that make it so that your solar LED sign is working when you need it, whether that's flashing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or only under certain conditions. You have the control.

Types of Road, Traffic, Safety, and Custom Signs for Solar LED Light Technology

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At Northern Solar Signs, we can retrofit or produce new signs including (but not limited to):

  • Stop Signs
  • Railroad Crossing Signs
  • 'Slow' Signs
  • 'Road Work Ahead' Signs
  • Caution Signs
  • Traffic Warning Signs, including
    • Curve Ahead
    • Narrow Road
    • Directional Arrows
    • Do Not Enter
    • Wrong Way
    • One Way
    • Traffic Hazard
    • Dead End
    • Detour
    • Turn and No Turn
    • Keep Right or Left
  • Private Property Signs (Including signs throughout a larger property, such as a ranch.)
  • 'School Bus Stop Ahead' Signs  (With our unique control system, we are the only sign company that produces this particular sign system.) 
  • 'Fire Truck Coming' Signs (Uses the same technology as the school bus system.)
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Speed Limit Change
  • School Zone Signs
  • Street Name Signs (Especially in poorly lit areas.)
  • Private Road Signs
  • Handicapped and Specialized Parking Signs
  • No Parking Signs
  • Evacuation Route Signs
  • Freeway and Highway Signs
Whatever your sign choices, the lighting will both complement the sign and adhere to MUTCD regulations, meaning lights that should be red (e.g. stop signs) will be red, and lights that should be yellow (e.g. warning signs) will be yellow. 

The lights will border the sign to keep a clean, easy-to-read presentation. We can produce signs and kits of various sizes (24", 36", etc.) based on sign size requirements in your area. Depending on how many signs or kits you need, we offer bulk pricing. This can be discussed upon order. 

A sign is just a sign, sort of background music, to some people, but with the kinds of signs and retrofit kits we produce at Northern Solar Signs, we know that some lives are saved, some tragedies avoided, and we can bring peace of mind to drivers and government officials alike. 

A well-made sign can show you the way to safety. When you're ready to use efficient solar LED technology to make your signs better and your property safer, call [Phone Number] or contact us to discuss an order. We would love to help.